Passengers Requiring Assistance

Guidance for Passengers Requiring Additional Assistance to Travel on GBRf Charity Railtours Trains

If you think you may need help to travel on one of our charter trains we recommend you get in touch as early as possible to arrange any additional assistance you require. This can be done by simply e-mailing as early as possible, and we suggest more than 48 hours prior to travel so we can ensure that arrangements are in place.

On certain trains we may not be able to offer a fully accessible experience, for example when using older carriages. When this is the case we will advertise this in the detail of the operation on our website. If you think this may cause you an issue we suggest you e-mail us at the address above and we will get in touch as soon as we can.

Assistance Dogs are welcome on GBRF Charity Railtours Charter Trains.



Impaired Hearing

With prior notice at the time of booking, our stewards can provide additional support to ensure you receive any on board information.

Passengers with reduced mobility/vision

We can arrange the additional help to board or alight our trains at origin and destination.

We can arrange additional help at manned stations to either access/egress the station or to join/alight connecting national rail services.

We can allocate appropriate seats where suitable, including those nearer to on board facilities or with extra room. If you have a specific seating requirement, please ask and we will do our utmost to meet your requirements.

We can carry collapsible wheelchairs in a storage area and return them when required at specific points of a journey.

On certain types of train we can provide a wheelchair ramp if required. Our ramps have a capacity of 300kg.

Our stewards cannot provide help with the physical lifting of passengers. They will help our travellers get to their seats in any other way that they can.


Non-folding Wheelchairs/Mobility scooters

On certain operations, we will use heritage vehicles that were built in the middle of the 20th century, and long before disabled access legislation was introduced. Access through external doors, to seating areas and to toilets can be very restrictive. GBRf Charity Railtours are unable to take non-folding wheelchairs or mobility scooters when using these heritage vehicles. We will advertise clearly when we are doing so.

Before Booking…

If you think you might need additional support to travel on one of our trains we suggest first and foremost that you e-mail us at, however other things to consider are;

We can arrange additional help at manned stations to either access/egress the station or to join/alight connecting national rail services.

Rail vehicle wheelchair ramps are usually designed to accommodate weights up to 300kg, so you’ll need to ensure that the combined weight of both chair and occupant does not exceed this limit.

Rail vehicles have size restrictions, particularly in width, depending on the Rolling Stock used so we suggest you provide the dimensions when getting in touch.


Station Facilities and Access

GBRf Charity Railtours do not operate any stations, and assistance services at stations are provide by either the operating TOC or Network Rail.

We will ensure that access for passengers of reduced mobility are considered as part of the planning process as reasonably as we can, in liason with station operators.